Will there be changing rooms on the event site?

There will be no cloakroom tent, but you can drop your stuff off at Startat Bossonnet and we will take it down to the church square for you to find at the finish!


Do you have toilets at the event site?

You will have access to the public toilets of La Clusaz.


What should I wear when I participate?

We advise you to adapt your equipment to the weather conditions.

Will there be a refreshment stand and a food court?

There will be a refreshment stand and food in the heart of the event village!


Can I register on the day of Bélier VTT ?

Unfortunately not, you can register until Thursday 9 June 2022, 7pm, or earlier up to the maximum per event for the following events: XC Trophy, XC Bélier - 51km, XC - 29km, XC Short Race - 17km, and Friday 10 June 2022 at 12pm or earlier up to the maximum per event for the following events: Rando Animated - 9km, E Rando Sport - 29km, E Rando 20 - 37km, Rando 20-37km, Kids (Draisienne, Microbes, Poussins, Pupilles, Benjamins and Minimes) The maximum number of participants in all events combined is 2,100.

What if I want to change my registration?

If you change your mind, you can send an e-mail to the Club des Sports de La Clusaz: info@club-laclusaz.com. Any change of registration to another event with a lower price will result in a 5€50 administration fee being withheld from the refund.