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Thank you 💚

Another memorable chapter of BĂ©lier Trail & Rando has just come to a close, thank you to all of you who made the 2023 edition unforgettable!😍

🏃 To our 5000 passionate participants, your energy and sportsmanship were the key to this warm and friendly experience.

😄 To our dedicated volunteers, you are the real heroes behind the scenes. Your smiles and generosity made every step of this adventure enjoyable for everyone. Thank you for supporting us with such warmth and enthusiasm!

đŸ€ To our partners, thank you for your commitment and unfailing trust.

Le BĂ©lier Trail & Rando is much more than a race or a hike. The moments shared, the smiles exchanged and the challenges met will remain forever engraved in our memories.

See you August 23-25, 2024 for new adventures!

And I hear that le bĂ©lier has other sports and events for you 👇

Le BĂ©lier Blanc, January 12 and 13, 2024

 Le Bélier VTT in June 2024