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Summary of Bélier Blanc 2024

The 2024 edition of Bélier white 🐏 ❄️ is now over!

The recipe of Bélier for its 5th Edition ✨

👥 You were 2300 participants: sharing your energy and enthusiasm with every stride.

2 days of events: intense, thrilling days filled with effort, joy and smiles.

2,303 raised for the "Vaincre les maladies lysosomales" association: thank you for your participation!

🙌 120 volunteers: a huge thank you to our dedicated volunteers who ensured the success of every moment.

🤝 11 partners: the power of collaboration! We're grateful to our 11 partners who made it all possible.

🌍 18,850 km covered at night by starlight. Well done to all the riders for this collective feat!

🍲 500 kg of tartiflette devoured: rewarding your efforts with a delicious Savoyard gourmet break!

Together, you exceeded all expectations, achieving an incredible 300% of good humor! See you next year for a new adventure full of challenges on le Bélier white! 🌈

A big thank you for the organization and the welcome to my son. We'll be back for sure! ✨🙏🏻
Jean Sulpice
Great experience!!! Bravo to the organization and volunteers for their good humor, we had a blast🔥❄️🐏🥳
A first for me le Bélier White, truly magical! 🔥❄️
Great experience, will do it again next year and the organization is top notch 👍🏼